Our project

Our project for 2021 onwards, is to create personalized experiences through guided tours, from the hand of the best official guides of the city. Our duty is to make all travelers, value the heritage and culture of Seville and Andalusia, in a fun, dynamic and sustainable way.

We are sure that this way, we will make up for the time we lost during the global pandemic, that deeply damaged tourism on a large scale, but also on a personal level, for all the guides and people linked to the tourism industry.

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Alba - Owner, cultural manager, guide interpreter

Hi, I'm Alba, an experienced & certified local guide, with a charismatic character and passion for the history and legends of the city! At university, I decided to specialize in Historical Heritage Interpretation, so I could show this wonderful city and its culture to other culture lovers who traveled here.  I got the professional Tour Guide certification, and I'm the first person in Andalusia to have the professional certification in Heritage Interpretation. In all my tours I obviously teach about real historical facts, but also wonderful legends, mixing everything with a bit of my personality, to make the tours be entertaining and upbeat, without falling in a tape-recorder kind of tour. So this is what you will see in all my routes: my passion for this city and its heritage.Are you ready to enjoy Seville and its wonderful historical heritage? Book your tour with me!

Beatriz - Official tour guide

Hola! My name is Beatriz, and I really want to meet you! Being an official licensed guide is my biggest passion, something that I dreamed of since I was a kid, therefore, I studied Tourism at university. There's nothing better than travelling to open our minds, so I'd like to share my knowledge of Seville (my city) with people from around the world. Discover this extraordinary city with me!
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Patricia - Official tour guide

Hi! My name is Patricia. I studied Fine Arts in Spain and also in Perugia (Italy). I am currently an official guide of Seville but I have also worked for a long time in the city of Venice. My passion is art, explaining both architectural and artistic works such as sculpture, drawing, painting and the history of art, but from a different point of view than the traditional one, interacting with visitors who I do not consider numbers, but real people. I consider myself a professional and friendly person. I offer a personalized service that can answer all the questions you need! Even the most hidden city secrets, unknown details about this wonderful city where I was born and raised and I truly love. If you want to make a tour in good company with a local guide ... come with me to discover these unique places in the world that have built the history, culture and art of this city called Seville. 

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