Private Tours & Activities in Seville

With our original tours and activities, you will enjoy the city in a personalized way, and in the language you prefer.
Strolling the city like a local is important when you first arrive!

  • From 47,5€  per person
On this tour, you will get exclusive detailed explanaitions of the two main monuments of Seville: The Royal Alcazar and the Cathedral of Seville.

  • From 11,5€  per person
On this private walking tour, you will learn about the essential historical facts and legends of the magical city of Sevilla.

  • From 29,8€  per person
You will have a panoramic visit of the city, seeing main historical places. You will also enjoy the taste of local snacks and drinks!

  • From 22,3€  per person
This walking tour will allow you to know about the history and legends of the magical city of Sevilla, and enjoy the view from the newest viewpoint of the city, the so called “Mushrooms”.

  • From 17€ per person
Seville is historically considered one of the birthplaces of Flamenco. You cannot leave Spain without living a real Flamenco Experience in Seville, from the hand of a world-recognized Bailaora.

  • From 11,5€ per person
On this tour, we will reveal to you another side of the history, the history of Women. We'll show you all the secret places in Seville where you can find it.

  • From 11,5€ per person
Seville is sure a beautiful city, but scary and dark stories lay in the background history of this lovely town. Join our themed tour to enjoy a unique experience in the scary streets of the city center.

  • From 28€ per person
Enjoy the view from strategic spots of the city while riding the traditional horse-drawn carriages of Seville, and learn about the history and legends of the city at the same time guided by your private English speaking host.

  • From 6,3€ per person
Are you a fan of paintings?  In our visit we will visit the different rooms and we will stop to see in detail some of the most striking works in the collection in an educational and entertaining way.

  • From 6,5€ per person
A unique Spanish lesson at the gorgeous Maria Luisa Park. Your kids will learn Spanish and you will learn history through this tour lesson. We will show you all the gems that Maria Luisa Park has.

  • From 16€ per person

A special scavenger hunt made for kids! This route will entertain both adults and children with amazing facts and picturesque views!
*In collaboration with - Games created by Altai Turismo (Alba).

  • From 10€ per person
Are you bored at home? Have no time to travel? Want to have an online party with family or friends? We've got you covered! There are 3 different virtual experiences that you can choose.